Mette`s family and descendants

Husfloen family - from Norway and USA

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Ford Victor Husfloen (1917-2001), Walter Ole Husfloen (1916-1985), Ola Halvorsen Husfloen (1836-1928), Johanna Johnsdatter Husfloen (1856-1943), Thea Elise (maiden name: Sletten) Husfloen (1892-1988), Gustav Olsen Husfloen (1887-1962)

Ola Husfloen with his second wife Johanna

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Olaf Olsen Husfloen (1884-1975) - his life and family

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OLAF HUSFLOEN Oliver County 1885-1985; Pages 746 - 747

Olaf was born in Osterdalen, Norway and May 22, 1884. He came to the United States and Fertile, Minnesota, in 1901. He came to Mandan, North Dakota, April 3, 1903. His sister, Petra; brother, John; and two neighbor boys from Norway accompanied him here.

The one neighbor boy was G. I. Solum. When he first came here, he became captain of Company F, a division of the United States Army, stationed at Mandan.

Received a good job in the First National Bank of Mandan. Later on he had a real estate office in Mandan. He was killed many years ago, by a Northern Pacific train on the North Branch crossing north of Mandan. Olaf said they were proud of Solum because he receives such good jobs so soon after coming here.

Olaf received his common schooling in Norway. This schooling was about equal to our eighth grade. The schools he attended in the United States were modern for that time. The only reason he attended school here was so he could learn the English language.

During Olaf's first summer here he worked on it irrigation on the Heart River. That fall he went to Billings, Montana, and worked in the brewery. While working in Montana, he stepped on a nail. He returned to North Dakota, while this foot was healing. When his foot had healed he planned to return to Billings, but William Price needed a hired man. He offered Olaf good wages and Olaf stayed and worked for him. Olaf also worked at the sawmill at Fort Rice, North Dakota, that same year.

What food and clothing that Olaf had to buy, he bought in Mandan. He homesteaded in 1908 near Price where he built his own log cabin. He also did carpenter work for other people. He built a number of barns and log cabins along the Missouri River bottom. Among the seven log cabins that he built, one was built for Dr. Bunting. This was built on Dr. Bunting's place about 25 miles north of Mandan.

Olaf built many of his household furnishings. His household furnishings consisted of a cupboard, some large wood blocks used as chairs; a table made of cotton wood lumber, which Olaf says was very artistic; and beds and mattresses. The mattresses were stuffed with straw or corn husks.

Farm equipment that Olaf had when he started farming on his Homestead included four horses, a disk, a 6 foot drill and a MacCormick mower, four and a half foot cut. In 1909 he bought a new 5 foot mower. Since then he got more new machinery.

Where Olaf lived, water was very scarce. There were plenty of springs at first, but they all dried up in a few years. After about 15 years water was almost impossible to find. People started digging wells, but the wells went dry, too. Olaf dug 32 wells in a period of just a few years. This is equivalent to one well for every 10 acres. Finally water was so scarce that it could only be found in deep wells.

Two quite large fires came through the community past Olaf's place. In 1910, a prairie fire came through from New Salem. They could not stop it, and it didn't stop until it reached the Missouri River. John, Olaf's oldest brother, lost almost everything he had. Of his homestead buildings, only one small shack remained. Before John left for the fire, he planted his wife and cow on some summer fallow and instructed her to hang onto the cow. Besides the shack, the only other things he saved were his

wife, cow, and himself. This fire was about March 22. Olaf lost some pigs, his barns and haystacks. This proved to be a serious loss, for the next day it snowed and Olaf's cattle were without feed. Gust, another of Olaf's brothers, lost a horse he had purchased just shortly before the fire. The horse was trapped in a fence corner and couldn't get away.

Isaac, still another of Olaf's brothers, was burned quite seriously in the fire. Isaac was going to tell his sister that a fire was coming, but he had gone only a few rods when he fell into the Creek. By that time the fire had reached the Creek, although it had been a mile and a half away when Isaac first saw it. He tried to stay underwater, but had to come up for air every so often. Every time he took air, the fire just scorched his face. His family peeled the skin off his face to keep him from having bad scars.

The second fire came through in 1915. Olaf was coming home from Price, a railroad station north of Mandan, when he saw the fire coming. He had seed wheat in sacks in the wagon, but because he drove so fast to beat the fire to his home, he had sacks of grain scattered all the way from Price to his place. Price is about 5 miles away. After the fire he went back and picked up the wheat. When he harvested the wheat in the fall, it made 42 bushels to the acre. Olaf's father-in-law said the reason the wheat grew so well was because it got so scared during the fire.

Oliver County's average for wheat was 7 bushels to the acre and over a period of years Olaf says that is what his average is, so this was just an exceptionally good crop.

Olaf used to haul his grain to the steamboats. The place where they loaded was a little above the railroad station of Price.

The Indians Olaf saw were very friendly. The Indians that came to his place were just passing between the reservations. They would ask for directions and for dead animals, but otherwise they never bothered anyone.

Olaf said that church wasn't held in the community very often; but when it was, it was held at the schoolhouse. Most of the ministers that came just happened to be passing through the community. They did not have a very big congregation because most of the people belonged to different denominations. When the minister did finally come quite often it turned out to be Rev. Fylling. He organized a congregation. Olaf had to go only one half mile to church.

Doctors were few and far apart. Dr. Bunting, now deceased, used to come out in the Price community quite often, otherwise very few doctors came. The doctors drove a horse and buggy to make their calls. In case of emergencies, the doctor had a special team at the livery stable; and for the most part, he drove that certain team all of the time. The livery stable owned the team but they were what you might call "reserved for the doctor".

Olaf never had to call the doctor for his own benefit.

Olaf filed on his Homestead in 1908. At first he could only file on one quarter of land, but later he could get more. He still lives on his Homestead.

Olaf didn't work on the North Branch of the Northern Pacific Railroad, but two of his brothers, Gust and Abraham, did. Olaf worked on the railroad in Minnesota in 1901.

Olaf took census in four townships in 1910. He had acquired enough English to do this, but he still had to have an interpreter because most of the people spoke only the Russian language. His wages were $5.50 per day. His means of travel was one horse and a buggy. It took him 34 days to take the census.

Among other things that Olaf did, he built two two-room school houses. He was director, treasurer, and secretary of the school board, holding one office or the other for a total of 35 years.

Olaf's first post office was the Butte Post Office. Mr. Baye drove a team to Hensler and back to Mandan, and this was the first mail route. Whenever anyone went after the mail, they got everyone's mail. They brought it as far as their place and each one would come and get it and take it on, until everyone had their mail. Later on, Olaf and his neighbors had to go to Harmon to get their mail. Olaf gets his mail at Price now.

Olaf's recreation included driving across the Missouri River in the winter time to attend dances; rowing across in the summertime, which he didn't do very often; and going to corn husking bees. The corn husking bees were quite a game. The corn they husked was called "squaw corn". Every time a boy or girl got a red ear all of the opposite sex were supposed to kiss them. In later years Olaf also attended school programs.

In 1903 Olaf had filed his intention of becoming a citizen of the United States, and in 1908, he took out his citizenship papers at Center (County seat of Oliver County), under Judge Hanley, the judge at that time.

If Olaf or any of the settlers went to town, they had to go with a team and buggy. They hauled their grain and other crops to Mandan part of the time. Mandan is 20 miles away and it took a " good" team to make a round trip in one day.

Olaf was married to Pauline Jacobson, who was born in Burleigh County on January 31, 1888. Their children were:

Martin Emil, born December 19, 1910, and died September 8, 1974. He married Alice Prochaska. Their children are: Lenore, born April 23, 1940, married Frank Heinz, who passed away in 1964. She married Jim Sack. LaVonne, born May 11, 1941, married Delbert Cleveland. Lee Arthur, born February 5, 1944, married Regina Hagel. Michele, born February 10, 1952, married Royce Roberson.

Norman Debs was born July 11, 1912, and died November 21, 1961. He was unmarried.

Lillie Johanna, born June 14, 1914 married Leland Butler, who died in the service in Germany. She then married Lewis Thomas. They had one child, David Alan, born March 11, 1951. Lewis died February 6, 1973.

Herbert Torbjorn, born July 18, 1917, married Esther Prochaska. He died November 2, 1971. Their children are: Jerry Joseph, born September 6, 1947; Judith Paulette, born January 15, 1950; Larry Lee, born June 15, 1951; Darby Jacqueline, born June 29, 1955; and Laurie Jolene, born June 9, 1960.

Anna Olava, born April 4, 1924, married Frank Ferderer. She died January 8, 1971, and he died in June of 1971. Their children are: Andrew Ross, born May 29, 1947; Tana Marie, born June 30, 1948; and Debra, born May 3, 1950.

June, born June 8, 1927, married Tony Gratz in Mandan October 1, 1946. Their children are: Deanne Marie, born August 28, 1949; Donna Mae, born March 21, 1951; and Paula Antoinette, born March 1, 1955.

Pauline passed away on June 6, 1963; and Olaf passed away on January 11, 1975.

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Perry Anthony Bygdnes (1901-1988)

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Perry came to America at age 5 in 1906. He was born in Bygdnes in Sortland, Norway and his birthname was Peter Antoni Ingebrigtsen.

Perry married Alda Swanson in 1926 and worked for the Bank of Italy in Oakland, which later became the Bank of America. In 1931 he was transferred to the Bank of America in Redwood City as assistant manager. In 1939 or 40 he was transferred to the Burlingame Branch as manager. In 1945 he resigned from Bof A and went in partnership with two partners, Alex Johnson and Halvar Nelson, both Sweds, forming a company named Peninsula Home Builders. Together they built a city named Pacific Manor of about 2,500 homes and a large shopping center. Pacific Manor has since been incorporated into the current City of Pacifica in San Mateo County. In 1955 he built a new home in Atherton and retired from the building industry. After retiring he went on to serve several terms as president of the Redwood City Chamber of Commerce and then served several terms as president of the Redwood City Port Commission. He also served for many years on the San Mateo County Tax Appeal Board. Perry pasted away in the Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City from Pulmonary failure due to congestive heart failure.

Cremated, Location of ashes is unknown.

Perry Bygdnes 1986

Alda Linnea and Perry Bygdnes

Alda & Perry Bygdnes home in Atherton 1987


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Obituary for Richard Matthew Bygdnes (1930-2004)

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Richard never married. Richard attended University of Southern California, graduating with a Business Degree in 1959. Richard retired and had his home in San Martin, California.

July 1, 2004 San Jose Mercury News

San Martin man killed by vehicle
Richard Bygdnes, a 73-year-old San Martin man, died Tuesday, June 29th after being hit by a vehicle while he walked across Veterans Boulevard in Redwood City. 
The collision happened about 9:15 a.m., when Bygdnes was crossing a section of the multi-lane road that did not have a crosswalk. Redwood City police are still investigating the cause of the accident, but they have determined that "jaywalking was definitely an issue," Sgt. Dan Mulholland said. 
The driver of the vehicle that hit the man remained on the scene and cooperated with the investigation. 

Richard is buried at Skylawn Memorial Park in Half Moon Bay, San Mateo County, California.
It is an area over looking the Pacific Ocean. 

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Turid Balke - a Norwegian actress, playwright and artist.

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Turid Balke (July 25, 1921 -  January 5, 2000) was a Norwegian actress, playwright and artist.

Born in Kirkenes, she started her professional career at Trøndelag Teater in 1949. She would spend many of her years as an actress at Folketeatret and the famous Norwegian revue-stage Chat Noir. She was also an artist and a designer, even designing "proper" toys for children, but more importantly she would become one of the pioneers in Norwegian children's theatre. She wrote and staged several plays for children and is also remembered for creating Balkeby (Balke-town), a miniature-town with puppets and their stories performed by Balke.

Her first film appearance came as a secretary in the 1953-comedy Brudebuketten. Throughout the years she would appear in classic Norwegian films such as Støv på hjernen, (1959), its sequels Sønner av Norge and Sønner av Norge kjøper bil, and other popular titles like Olsenbanden for full musikk (1976) and Kamilla og tyven (1988). After close to 30 movies her film-career finished off on a high-note, appearing in a small but prominent role as the oracle woman in The 13th Warrior opposite Antonio Banderas. Balke admitted in an interview shortly after that for her, the greatest thrill was not working with Banderas but meeting his co-star, Omar Sharif.

Balke also had numerous roles on television, even gaining new fans in the sit-com Karl & Co, where she played the title-character's nosy old neighbour from 1998 to 1999.

In 1974 she received the Norwegian Arts Council's award for her illustrations to the children's book Det begynte en fredag i Finvik.

Known for her characteristic bulging eyes, Balke lived in Oslo throughout most of her life and kept active until her sudden death in 2000, at the age of 78.

Her great-grandfather was famous Norwegian painter Peder Balke.



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Balthazar Nicolai Garben (1794-1867)

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Balthazar Nicolai Garben (født 19. februar 1794 i Sparbu, død 21. april 1867 i Asker) var en norsk arkitekt, ingeniøroffiser, senere generalmajor og medlem av interimsregjeringene. Han er særlig kjent for sine arbeider i Halden hvor han virket i nærmere 30 år.

Garben tegnet flere bygninger på Fredriksten festning, blant annet både den gamle og den nye kommandantboligen, tøyhuset som nå huser Fredriksten kro og klokketårnet. I den perioden Immanuels kirke av Christian Grosch ble oppført hadde han overoppsynet med byggingen av og bidro også i utformingen av tegningene.

Fredrikshalds teater er en strengt utformet trebygning ferdigstilt i 1841, dette regnes som hans hovedverk.

I 1839 var han kammerherre hos Karl III Johan og senere medlem av interimsregjeringen i Stockholm under Oscar Is fravær.


Baltazar Nicolai Garben (1794-1867) was a Norwegian architect and government minister. Garben was responsible for buildings at Fredriksten fortress and at Citadellet by Horten. As an army engineer, he was made Major General in 1851. He was temporarily appointed councillor of state in interim government in Stockholm 1852, 1852-1853 and 1857.

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Sacred Heart Cemetery, Minto, Walsh County, North Dakota, USA

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Photo credit: lk51t

Roy Green, son of Joseph Warren Green (1864-1946) and Charlotte Georgine Ingebrigtsen (1858-1921), 1st marriage to  Mathilda Dangerfield (1888-1970) and 2nd marriage to Helen Landowski (1915-1975)

Birth: 4 Nov 1892 in Stephen, Marshall, Minnesota, USA

Death: 14 May 1972 in Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA

Photo credit: JP Finn

Helen Landowski, daughter of Paul Landowski and Opeolu, married two Roy Green

Birth: 29 Jan 1915 in USA

Death: 20 Oct 1975 in La Verne, Los Angeles, California, USA 

Photo credit: JP Finn

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Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA

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The original Fort Snelling was established in 1805 near the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers. However, it was not until 1820 that a permanent post named Fort St. Anthony was constructed under the supervision of Col. Josiah Snelling. Gen. Winfield Scott was so impressed with the conditions at Fort St. Anthony during his first inspection in 1824 that he recommended the installation be renamed Fort Snelling.

Its original purpose was to keep peace on the western frontier, but in 1855 as the frontier moved further west, troops were withdrawn from Fort Snelling. With the outbreak of the Civil War, the fort was reopened and functioned as both an assembly ground and training camp for Minnesota volunteers. It remained open at the end of the Civil War and continued to be used as a training center. In 1947, the Fort Snelling Military Reservation was deactivated as a post, although it continues to function today as the headquarters for the 88th Army Reserve Command.

The Fort Snelling cemetery was established in 1870 to serve as a burial ground for the soldiers who died while stationed at the post. Following World War I, as new legislation expanded the eligibility requirements for burial in a national cemetery, the citizens of St. Paul organized a petition to designate a national cemetery in their area. In 1937, Congress responded with legislation that authorized a portion of land at Fort Snelling Military Reservation for this purpose. Fort Snelling National Cemetery was established in 1939 with the first burial on July 5, of Capt. George H. Mallon, whose acts of heroism at Meuse-Argonne in France were recognized with the Congressional Medal of Honor. Following the dedication of the new cemetery, arrangements were made for the exhumation of the remains of those buried at the older post cemetery and the reinterment of the 680 soldiers who served from 1820-1939 buried in Fort Snelling National Cemetery. The 1930s were also a major boom era for national cemetery growth. Ft. Snelling is one of a dozen or so very large cemeteries conceived between World War I and World War II to serve large veteran populations in some cities.

In May 1960, Fort Snelling Air Force Station transferred 146 acres of land to the national cemetery. One more land transfer of 177 acres followed in 1961, bringing the cemetery to its present size. Because of the frigid winters, about 1,000 graves are dug each fall to be used for winter interments.

Fort Snelling contains a memorial pathway that is lined with a variety of veteran's memorials from various organizations. As of Aug. 2006, there are 64 memorials at Fort Snelling National Cemetery?most commemorating soldiers of the 20th-century wars.

The cemetery is open April through September Monday through Friday - 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Saturday, Sunday and federal holidays - 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. From October through March, the hours are Monday through Friday - 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
and Saturday, Sunday and federal holidays - 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Clifford Luverne Holm, son of Louis Holm (1865-1946) and Karoline Kristine "Christine" Lindgaard (1873-1908), married to Lillian Elvira Söderlind (1907-1980)

Birth: 2 Jul 1899 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA

Death: 28 Mar 1952 in St. Barnabas Hospital, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Photo credit: James Hogan

Lillian Elvira Söderlind, daughter of Erick Gustaf Söderlind and Anna Louise Anderson, married to Clifford Luverne Holm

Birth: 18 Apr 1907 in Stockholm, Pepin, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 25 Jul 1980 in Minneapolis, Hennepin, Minnesota, USA

Photo credit: James Hogan

Photo credit: James Hogan

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Trond Torleivsson Benkestok (1495-1558)

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Væpnar, lensherre og godseigar. Foreldre: Torleiv Benkestokk (nemnd 1502, død før 1505) og Adelus Eriksdotter (død etter 1505). Gift med Anne Jonsdotter av Hår-ætta (død 27.11.1569), truleg dotter til Jon Olsson Hår (nemnd 1534).

Trond Benkestokk var ein av dei yngre lågadelsmennene som var aktive i politikken frå Frederik 1s regjeringstid. Han hadde slektsbakgrunn frå Båhuslen og eigedomar i Nord-Norge og på Vestlandet.

Benkestokk hadde garden Meløy (i Meløy kommune i Nordland) som hovudgard seinast frå 1540. Før den tid budde han på storgarden Joranger i Luster, og det gjev forklåring på at han før 1525 - knapt meir enn 25 år gamal - fekk fem skipreider i Sogn i forlening. Jordegodset hans kjenner vi frå skiftet i 1570 etter at kona hans, hustru Anne, var død. Det var samansett av eigedomar på Helgeland, i Sogn, Sunnhordland og bygdene rundt Bergen, i alt ca. 75 gardar og gardpartar med ei skyldmengd på nær 150 laupar smør. I tillegg hadde han fleire eigedomar i Bergen. Det var ei godsmengd som var sterkt merkt av jordbrukskrisa etter svartedauden: Nær ein femtedel av jordeigedomane hadde i 1570 merkelappen "øyde" knytt til seg.

Dei første vi kjenner til med slektsnamnet Benkestokk, hadde tilhald i Båhuslen. I biskop Øysteins jordebok frå 1390-åra, i ein bolk med oversyn over personar som stod i gjeld til lokale kyrkjer, er innført Tord Benkestokks arvingar (Forselle kyrkje) og Trond Benkestokk (Skredsvik kyrkje). Etter samanhengen høyrde dei til gruppa av lokale stormenn; Tord Benkestokk budde på garden Strand i Forselle (nå Forshälla) sokn sør for Uddevalla. Ættesamanhengen mellom benkestokkane i Båhuslen og på Vestlandet og i Nord-Noreg er enno ikkje heilt klårlagd.

Farmor til væpnaren Trond Benkestokk, Bergjut Torleivsdotter, var truleg av Meløy-ætt, og eldre genealogar meinte at ho var gift med Trond Tordsson Benkestokk, væpnar og riksråd, nemnd ca. 1440-73. Men det er meir sannsynleg at mannen hennar var ein bror til Trond Tordsson, som vi ikkje kjenner namnet på. Bergjuts son Torleiv skreiv seg Benkestokk, og han sikra ætta jordegodset i Sogn då han gifte seg med Adelus Eriksdotter; ho hadde si ætt frå Fet i Luster, med tilknyting til Kruckow-ætta.

Den forleninga Trond Benkestokk hadde i Sogn, miste han 1528, i samband med at Vincens Lunge måtte gje frå seg Bergenhus. Det ser ikkje ut til at han vart utstyrt med nytt len før 1541, då han fekk Sunnmøre. 1547 vart det konfiskerte bispegodset på Sunnmøre - "stiktens gods", lagt til, og denne forleninga hadde Trond Benkestokk fram til han døydde. Same år som han fekk Sunnmøre, vart han også forlent med Meløy kapell og underliggjande gods.

Trond Benkestokk oppheldt seg mykje i Bergen, der han hadde offentlege oppdrag. I 1532, då Christian 2 gjorde sitt inntog i Noreg, kalla Eske Bille han inn til slottet for å hjelpa til. Han var ein mann med autoritet og vart mykje nytta i domsutval og som vitne i rettshandlingar. Han stod seg godt med høvedsmennene Eske Bille (fram til 1537), Tord Rod og Christoffer Huitfeldt, og 1555 og 1556 fungerte han som høvedsmann medan Huitfeldt var fråverande. Tilhøvet til Eske Bille ser ut til å ha vore særleg godt. Det synte seg m.a. ved at Eske Bille 1529 bad svigerfaren Henrik Krummedike om å leggja inn eit godt ord for Trond Benkestokk i ein arvestrid med Vincens Lunge. Det var til Eske Bille Trond Benkestokk skreiv då han klaga over skade han hadde lidd under krigshandlingane i 1532. Brevet er udatert, men kan vera frå 1540 og kan ha vore medverkande til at Trond Benkestokk året etter fekk Sunnmøre som len.

Ved skiftet i 1570 fekk eldstesonen Jon hovudgarden Meløy, sonen Tord fekk Joranger, og døtrene Adelus (gift med Christoffer Erikssøn Bernhoft) og Kristin (gift med Axel Gyntersberg) fekk Mel i Kvinnherad. Dottera Brynild (gift med Erik Hansen Schønnebøl) fekk ingen hovudgard, men del av det andre godset, og alle arvingane fekk eigedom i Bergen.

Kilder og litteratur:

  • DN, bd. 1 nr. 1096, bd. 2 nr. 1134, bd. 6 nr. 805, bd. 8 nr. 324, bd. 15 nr. 652, bd. 21 nr. 1053 og 1061
  • Biskop Eysteins Jordebog (Den røde Bog). Fortegnelse over det geistlige Gods i Oslo Bispedømme omkring Aar 1400, utg. ved H.J. Huitfeldt, 1879
  • NRR
  • Norske Herredags-Dombøger, rk. 1, bd. 6:1, 1899, s. 56
  • E. Bull: biografi i NBL1, bd. 1, 1923
  • H. Sollied: "Nogen oplysninger om slekterne Kruckow, Haar og Benkestok", iNST, bd. 3, 1932, s. 274-300
  • L. Hamre: Norsk politisk historie 1513-1537, 1998
  • materiale innsamla til Adelsprosjektet ved Tore H. Vigerust


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Obituary for Louise Patricia [Lange] Watson (1924-2006)

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LOUISE PATRICIA (LANGE) WATSON Louise passed away the morning after Easter on Monday April 17, 2006 unexpectedly but peacefully, from a stroke, at St. Boniface Hospital. She was comforted in her passage by her sons and daughters-in-law and members of the family. Louise was part of a large and close family that became larger and closer over the years, and who shall all meet again. She was the daughter of Fred and Signe Lange, and one of five children, Audrey, Louise, June, Jack and Lynda, all growing to maturity in the same big old house in East Kildonan. Louise met Dave Watson in high school and they married while Dave was enlisted in the RCAF during the Second World War. After the War, they settled in Elmwood and East Kildonan where they raised a family of two sons, Lang and John. Louise now joins her husband Dave, Father and Mother Fred and Signe Lange, and older sister Audrey, who have predeceased her. Louise was very much loved, and loved in return, by all of those who make up our extended family, her children, Lang Watson with Chris, and John Watson with Edith; her grandchildren, Kate, Stephen, David Robert, Adam, and David Patrick with Sara; and her surviving siblings and their families, sister June Cameron and daughter Jane; brother Jack Lange with Allie and sons, John with Sandra and Eric and grandchildren, Jonathan and Stephanie; sister Lynda Lange with Dan and daughter Karen Peterman with Mark, and sister Audrey's daughter Lynda Mendella and grandchildren, Paul with Carrie and Audrey with Robert. The majority of the family lives in Winnipeg with some in different points across Canada. Louise would also like to have included her long standing friends who were as close to her as family, Rosalie McLoughlin, Lynda (Holmes) MacDonald, Jan Bedard, Olive Adams and Raymond Fontaine with Wally. Louise was an independent, active and capable person, and became very prominent in the Travel Industry in Manitoba. She organized and managed a succession of prominent and successful travel offices in Winnipeg, and served two terms as Manitoba President, and representative to the industries national organization, the Allied Canadian Travel Association. Friends and family will fondly remember Louise for her tremendous energy and talent in preparing and presenting large meals and enjoyable social occasions in her beautiful home. We will gather one more time in celebration of her life. The family would like to say a special thank you to the staff of St. Boniface Hospital for their care and compassion, Emergency Nurse Lynn and Palliative care Nurses Collette and Janet. Memorial service will be on Saturday, April 22 at 10:00 a.m. at Thomson Funeral Home, 669 Broadway. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to the Heart and Stroke Association of Manitoba. Thomson Funeral Home 669 Broadway 783-7211

As published in the Winnipeg Free Press on April 20, 2006

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Ishavsskipper Morten Edvard Isaksen

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Iflg. folketellingen i 1900 for Balsford bodde de på Bakkeringen i Balsfjord, der jobbet Morten som Gaardbruger S, ishavsskipper og familien tilhørte Apostolisk frimenighed. De hadde korn, potet og kreatur på Bakkeringen.

De står også alle sammen oppført med etternavnet Isaksen i denne folketellingen.

Jeg [Trygve Laudal, ca.1963] har gjennom dennes sønn, Isak Mortensen, som nå lever på aldershjemmet i Tromsø, fått en hel del opplysninger om slekten, særlig da faren og han sjøl.

Morten Isaksen var ishavsskipper i ikke mindre en 53 år. Han var en tykk og breivoksen kar, ikke særlig høy, men svært sterk. Særlig var han svært nevesterk og derfor meget god på hvalrossfangsten. Det trengtes jo nettopp krefter i never og armer når man skulle harpunere hvalrossen.

Vi kan tenke oss, når bare skinnet på hvalrossen kan veie 320 kg, og være over tommen tykt, at der da måtte krefter til for å få harpunen inn i et slikt dyr. En gammeldags tokrone av sølv kunne nesten gå gjennom Mortens giftering, dette beviser jo litt om hans størrelse.

Morten opptrådte ofte på fangstbåtene som, etter datidens mening, meget dyktig sårlege. Hans måte å behandle "pasientene" var ofte svært hårdhendt, så man må vel nærmest kalle det med det gamle ordet hestekur. Men det ble jo sagt av alle som ble behandlet av han, at de selvfølgelig ble god.

Morten Edvard Isaksen

Morten Edvard Isaksen var født på gården Øvergård i Balsfjord i 1851 av foreldre Isak Mortensen (faren Morten Persen var fra Elverum) og Ellen Margrete, var født på Seljeelv i Balsfjord. I 1878 ble Isaksen gift med Martha Elisabeth, datter av Lars Andreas Beck og hustru Johanna, født Johansen.

I 1868 gjorde Isaksen sin første ishavs tur med skipper Johan Adrian Johannessen ombord i jakten «Lydianna» av Tromsø. God fangst av hvalros og kobbe. ? Året etter reiste han med den samme skuten som nu førtes av Hans C. Johannessen. Fangsten foregikk først i Karahavet, men isforholdene var meget vanskelig, så fartøyet seilte til Spitsbergen på renfangst.

I 1871 var han med skipper Edvard Johannessen, skonnerten «Nordland». Dette året seilte de inn Den kariske port og gjennom Karahavet like til munningen av Obj. Da det var lite is, fortsattes turen rundt nordenden av Novaja Semlja. Fangsten var 260 hvalross, fanget i Det kariske hav, samt 18 bjørn og endel storkobbe. Dette var Morten Isaksens første år som harpuner. Senhøstes kom de hjem til Tromsø. Turen hadde vært lang og provianten var nesten sluppet opp. Året etter var Isaksen med sitt søskenbarn Johan Karl, født på Seljeelv i Balsfjord, på fangst med jakten «Dragdokka», reder konsul Mack Tromsø.

I 1872 reiste han med skipper Johan Myhre, sluppen «Helene» av Tromsø, reder konsul Mack til fangstfeltet på nordsiden av Spitsbergen. Fartøyet ble sammen med flere andre fast i isen ved Gråhuken den 8. september og lå der i 2 måneder sammen med 3 andre fartøyer ? jakten «Dragdokka», samt Hemming Andresen og gamle Matillas. 17 mann av besetningen drog fra fartøyene og kom til Kapp Thordsen i Isfjorden, hvor alle døde i løpet  av vinterens av skjørbuk. Matillas og kokken la seg igjen ombord i sitt fartøy og døde der om vinteren.

Morten Isaksen hadde også pakket en sekk for å gå til Isfjorden, men da han skulle forlate skuten, ombestemte han seg.

Ved Rensdyrlandsodden lå to fartøyer fast. Det største av disse var jakten «Pepita», skipper Nils Johansen, reder Lars Beck fra Balsfjord. Først i november satte det inn med sydvestkuling, så de to fartøyer kom løs etter mange strabaser.

Besetningene som var igjen ombord i de 4 fartøyene, som fremdeles lå fast i isen, søkte ombord i de to små fartøyer som var kommet løs. Således var det i alt 21 mann ombord i «Pepita». I det andre fartøyet, som var meget mindre, var det 17 mann. Uten betenkning tok fartøyene nu på hjemtur, men søkte dog å komme inn til Isfjorden for å hente de 17 mann som tidligere var reist dit. På grunn av østlig kuling og frostrøyk, måtte det oppgis å krysse inn fjorden. Derfor fortsatte de ferden til Norge. «Pepita» fikk havari i sjøen. Og da den endelig kom inn til Hammerfest, ble den etterlatt der som forlist. Det fartøyet som Isaksen fulgte hjem med, kom til Tromsø julaften etter mange strabaser på hjemturen.

I 1875 var Isaksen med sluppen «Krisvik» av Kristiansund N., Skipperen var Hans Ingebrigtsen fra Tromsø. De fanget på nordsiden av Novaja Semlja. Året etter med jakten «Johanna Marie», skipper Johan Kjeldsen, reder Holst. Dette året og følgende år drev de fangst på Spitsbergens fjorder. I 1878 reiste Isaksen med skipper Hemming Andresen, skøyten «Elieser» på nord - og østsiden av Spitsbergen. De fanget 120 hvalross i Storfjorden. De var fire fartøyer i lag som hadde samme fangsten. Neste år var Isaksen med skute og skipper og lastet med hvalross og kobbe ved Spitsbergen. På hjemturen sprang fartøyet lekk, så de måtte stadig bruke pumpene og pøsene for å holde skuten lens. Hjemturen tok en måned.

I 1880 reiste Isaksen med skipper Bernt Jæger fra Tromsø, kutter «Leif Erikson» fra Sørlandet. Det året lå de på hvitfisk fangst i Kings Bay, det var lite hvitfisk og turen ble helt mislykket. Året etter med skipper Hans Kristensen, skonnerten «Andenes». Ludvig Sebulonsen var flaggskipper. De var først en tur i Hvitehavet hvor de fanget 1600 sel. På den andre turen var de på nordsiden av Spitsbergen, men fikk liten fangst. I 1882 førte Morten Isaksen også «Andenes». De drev fangst ved Novaja Semlja og hadde en fangst av 250 tønner spekk. I 1883 førte Isaksen jakten «Olivia», reder Hans Beck. Drev fangst ved Novaja Semlja det i nevnte og følgende år, men isforholdene var meget ugunstige.

I 1885 førte Isaksen «Enigheten» av Kristiansund. Han fanget det år ved nordkysten av Novaja Semlja, hvor fartøyet forliste i første dagene av juni. Han lå da 8 mil fra kysten, og fartøyet ble skrudd ned av isen. Forliset gikk så hurtig at intet ble reddet, med unntagelse av litt klær som ble fisket opp av vannet med hakapiker. Han hadde da ombord 170 storkobbe og ca. 100 tønner spekk. Mannskapet ble opptatt og fulgte hjem med jakten «Cesilie Malene», skipper Magnus Arnesen.

 I 1886 førte Isaksen jakten «Spitsbergen», reder Anton Næss.  For dette rederiet førte Isaksen fartøyer i 29 år. Det første året drev han fangst på Novaja Semlja og i Det kariske hav, senere vekselvis Hvitehavet, Spitsbergen og Vestisen. Etter at han hadde ført «Spitsbergen» i 12 år, fikk han jakten «Grønland», som han førte til 1911. Et av disse år var Isaksen sammen med skipper O. Grødahl, som førte «Søstrene», ved land på Øst-Grønland. På omtrent 75 graders bredde, seilte fartøyene gjennom fordelt is ca. 60 mil opp til land. De hadde fangst lag det året og hadde 68 moskus dyr på hver skute samt 2 levende. For øvrig bestod fangsten av hvalross, bjørn og kobbe. I slutten av august begynte hjemturen. En gang ble de fast i skjell is mens de seilte mellom 2 store

isflorer. 3 ganger ble fartøyet helt oppskrudd av isen. Den siste gangen falt fartøyet ned idet isen slaknet, og fikk knekket 4 spanter, men etter iherdig arbeide ble fartøyet tettet så hjemturen kunne fortsettes. Blant fangsten hadde de med 5 tønner laks som var fanget ved Grønland. Et år var Isaksen ved Frans Josefs Land og fanget der 68 hvalross samt endel kobbe og bjørn. Fra 1911 til 1915 førte han M/K «Doggeren».

Han sluttet nu som fører for Anton Næss rederi.

1919 var Isaksens siste år på Ishavet hvor han har drevet uavbrutt i 50 somre.

I sitt ekteskap hadde han 12 barn, i 1929 levde i 8, nemlig: døtrene Johanna Sivertsen, Magna Bøe og Anna Fagerhaug, sønnene Johan, Isak, Lars, Torleif, og Ottar Isaksen.

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William Richard Hold - different photos

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Catherine (Medart) Wright, Virginia A (Mosier) Medart, Tilda (Wright) Hold, William Richard Hold (enhanced)

Maybe her sweater was a medium blue. The day was cool but not cold; so the afternoon was the best time for the photograph. Catherine outfit is seasonably dark but probably not black. With "modern" women's skirts going up in the 1920's, Tilda is wearing a stylish but warm jacket and heavier skirt; her active, young son is wearing a fairly new jacket that is a slightly darker color than his pants; long, dark socks to keep him warm, though! The four generations in at the same time make this a very interesting picture.

William Richard Hold

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Charles Fredrick Hold - different photos

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Janna and Charley Hold (Far Right)

You can see his memorial place here

You can read his obituary here

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Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, Greater Vancouver Regional District, British Columbia, Canada

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Photo credit: SusanR

Mountain View Cemetery opened in 1887. It's not the oldest cemetery in this area, but it is certainly the largest. Today it's 105 acres with about 100,000 burials. In recent years, there have been many changes - the most obvious now the construction of new offices and columbaria, the Commonwealth War Grave Commission's upgrading of its areas and the City and the Last Post Fund's construction of 13 monuments to commemorate the almost 1,000 'known' unmarked veteran's graves at Mountain View. Perhaps more about these projects another time.

Perhaps the most successful addition is the new 'infants burial' stream bed - every rock symbolizing a burial. (These were all in common graves.) One of the 'All Souls' shrines was right beside this area.



Photo credit: Michael V Drachman


Jennie Susamel Birchill, daughter of John Birchill (1871-1947) and Josefine Sofie Henriette Johansdatter (1877-1960), married to Ralph Edward Kirkrod (1897-1978)

Birth: Feb 1906 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Death: 4 Feb 1962 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Photo credit: Yolli

Photo credit: Jennifer Sweeney

Grave site unmarked for Ralph Kirkrod, headstone only for wife Jennie

Photo credit: Jennifer Sweeney

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Pictures from The Karlsen reunion in Warroad, Minnesota 2014 - part 1

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Me and Silje was here and met all these wonderful people that we are related to.

We gathered in Warroad in Minnesota and had a really nice weekend together

Cappy's father is the brother of my great grandfather

We had a visit to the Riverside Cemetery for there is among others my great-grandfather's brother buried

These pictures have been transferred from Laurel`s camera and it`s she who is the photographer of these photos.

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Liberty Pole Cemetery, Viroqua, Vernon County, Wisconsin, USA

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Photo credit: Keith



Anna H Peterson, daughter of Lars (Louis) Peterson (1848-1917) and Oline (Olena) Olsdatter (1861-1921), married 1st time to Oscar Fortney (1892-1922) and 2nd time to Glen R Henderson (1897-1968)

Birth: 11 Dec 1896 in Crawford, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 2 Oct 1978 in Viroqua, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA

Photo credit: Beth



Glen R. Henderson, son of John Wesley Henderson and Harriet Louisa Henry, married to Anna H.Peterson

Birth: 11 Mar 1897 in Franklin, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 26 Mar 1968 in Viroqua, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA

Photo credit: Beth



Harriet Louise Henderson, daughter of Glen R. Henderson (1897-1968) and Anna H. Peterson (1896-1978), married to Clayton Oliver Weber (1923-2011)

Birth: 17 Jun 1935 in Franklin, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 7 Jun 1995 in Viroqua, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA

Clayton Oliver Weber, son of Nicholas J. Weber and Bernice Josephine Zitzner, married to Harriet Louise Henderson

Birth: 15 Jan 1923 in Viroqua, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 8 Nov 2011 in Viroqua, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA

Photo credit: Susanna Parrish Allen

Melvin Joseph Fortney, son of Oscar Fortney (1892-1922) and Anna H. Peterson (1896-1978), married to Monica DeWitt

Birth: 30 Jul 1918 in Vernon, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 17 Jun 1972 in De Soto, Vernon, Wisconsin, USA

Photo credit: Beth

Photo credit: Beth


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Woodlawn Cemetery, La Crosse, La Crosse county, Wisconsin, USA

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Photo credit: Anonymous

Photo credit: Susanna Parrish Allen

Oletta Ragnilda "Lettie" Peterson, daughter of Lars (Louis) Peterson (1848 ? 1917) and Oline (Olena) Olsdatter (1861 ? 1921), married to Van Cleave Rogers (1887 ? 1963)

Birth: 18 Nov 1889 in Crawford, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 5 Jul 1968 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA

Van Cleave Rogers, son of George Thomas Rogers and Sarah Matilda Brenton

Birth: 21 Nov 1887 in Wolcott, Indiana, USA

Death: 10 May 1963 in La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA

You can see pictures of them here


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Oletta Ragnilda "Lettie" Peterson (1889-1968)

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Helen Rogers Barkley, daughter Barbara, Ruth Schuder Schulz, VanCleave, Lettie Rogers and Laura Rogers Schuder     

1910 United States Federal Census:

Freeman, Crawford, Wisconsin

Age: 20; Marital Status: Single; Relation to Head of House: Daughter

1920 United States Federal Census:

Mason, Cerro Gordo, Iowa

Age: 31; Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife

1930 United States Federal Census:

La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA

Age: 41, Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife

1940 United States Federal Census:

La Crosse, La Crosse, Wisconsin, United States

Age; 50, Marital Status: Married; Relation to Head of House: Wife

You can see their memorial place here

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Mound Cemetery, Ortonville, Big Stone County, Minnesota, USA

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Photo credit: Anonymous

Photo credit: Anonymous

Photo credit: Anonymous

Louis Bernhard Olson, son of John Gunder Olson (1837-1919) and Christine Bergithe Blix (1854-1949), 1st marriage to Olga O Buness (1882-1913) and 2nd marriage to Elsie Marie Fuhrman (1890-1961)

Birth: 28 Dec 1873 in Stony Run, Yellow Medicine, Minnesota, USA

Death: 19 Sep 1950 in Ortonville, Big Stone, Minnesota, USA

Photo credit: Anonymous

Photo credit: Anonymous

Elsie Marie Fuhrman, daughter of Julius Ferdinand Fuhrman and Pauline, married to Louis Bernhard Olson

Birth: 24 Jan 1890 in South Dakota, USA

Death: 17 Nov 1961 in Ortonville, Big Stone, Minnesota, USA

Photo credit: Doris Moore


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Obituary for Joe Bill Bartman (1948-2013)

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Joe Bill Bartman, 64, of Syracuse, IN passed away at 5:58 a.m. on Sunday, February 3, 2013 at his home. He was born on March 25, 1948 in Nappanee, IN to Harold & Ruby J. (Zentz) Bartman Jr. 

He lived most of his life in the Syracuse area where he attended Syracuse High School. On January 10, 1970 in Nappanee he married Marilyn M. Hoover who survives. He retired in 2007 from Parker-Hannifin (formerly Syracuse Rubber Products) after 35 years of service. 

He is survived by: 
Wife - Marilyn Bartman of Syracuse 
3 Daughters - Brandy Jo Ward & Mrs. Dave (Bambi Jo) Stuckman both of 
Syracuse & Mrs. Robert (Brendy Jo) Weldy of Wawaka , IN 
Son - Robert Vern "Bobby" Bartman of Syracuse 
17 Grand & 1 Gt. Grandson 
Sister - Kathryn "Kathy" Bartman of Milford 

He was preceded by his parents, 2 sisters - Nedra Kay Bartman & Donna Lee Bartman & brother - Brent Allen Bartman. 

Visitation will be from 12:00 noon - 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, February 9, 2013 at Owen Family Funeral Home, 1001 S. Huntington St., Syracuse, IN. Funeral services will follow at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday in the funeral home with Pastor Pat Park of the Wawasee Heights Baptist Church in Syracuse officiating. Burial will follow in South Union Cemetery, Nappanee.

Owen Family Funeral Home - February 5, 2013.

You can see his memorial place here


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Obituary for Harold "Barky" Bartman, Jr (1925-2009)

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Feb. 25, 1925 - Nov. 20, 2009

SYRACUSE -- Harold "Barky" Bartman Jr., 84, of Syracuse, died at 2:14 p.m. Friday (Nov. 20, 2009) in Goshen General Hospital after a short illness.

He was born Feb. 25, 1925, in Elkhart County, to Harold and Helen (Grant) Bartman. On April 13, 1946, he married Ruby J. Zentz. She died Feb. 6, 2001.

Mr. Bartman is survived by a son, Joe (Marilyn) Bartman of Syracuse; a daughter, Kathryn Bartman of Milford; four grandchildren; 16 great-grandchildren; and three sisters, Betty (Leroy) Chokey of Nappanee, and Ruth Filley and Carmen Bickham, both of Rochester.

He was preceded in death by a son, Brent A. Bartman; two daughters, Donna L. and Nedra K. Bartman; two brothers, Donald and James Bartman; and two sisters, Colleen Herrick and Shirley Ellis.

A U.S. Navy veteran who served during World War II, Mr. Bartman formerly worked in the recreational vehicle industry. He was employed part-time at Maxwelton Golf Club, where he was a member. He was an avid golfer and ice fisherman.

Friends may call from 2 to 4 and 6 to 8 p.m. today at Thompson-Lengacher & Yoder Funeral Home, 950 N. Main St., Nappanee. Funeral services will be at 10:30 a.m. Monday at the funeral home. The Rev. John French of Wawasee Heights Baptist Church will officiate. Burial will be in South Union Cemetery, where the Nappanee American Legion will perform military graveside services.

Memorials may be given to the American Cancer Society.

You can see his memorial place here

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Obituary for LeRoy Chokey (1925-2014)

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LeRoy Junior Chokey, age 88, of Nappanee, died peacefully at home Saturday, February 1, 2014 which was his wife's birthday. He was born September 12, 1925 in New Paris to the late Roy and Elmina (Moneyheffer) Chokey. He married Betty J. Bartman, November 6, 1948 in Syracuse. She preceded him in death October 1, 2013.

Mr. Chokey was a graduate of Goshen High School. The Chokeys had lived on Saw Mill Lake, near Leesburg before returning to Nappanee. The had also lived in Elpaso, TX. LeRoy was a WW II Army Veteran. He had served in the Philippines, New Guinea, and Japan. Mr. Chokey had worked at Johnson Controls for 47 years as a supervisor and staff consultant . He was a member of the First Brethren Church and Johnson Controls Retiree's Club. He enjoyed motorcycles, golf, bowling, and fishing.

Surviving are his daughters, Pamela Reed, Syracuse, Patty Fortier, Nappanee, Penny Cripe, North Webster; grandchildren, Michale (Jeff) Jackson, Marci J. Reed, Brent (Cheyanne) Fortier, all of Goshen, Matthew Reed, Land-0-Lakes, FL, Angie (Kevin) Murphy, South Bend, Stacey (Matt) Adams-Bunch, Nappanee, Toni (Nathan) Bradbury, stationed with the US Army in Naples, Italy; 19 great grandchildren; and 9 great great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by a great great granddaughter, brothers, "Jake" Harvey, Russell, Charles Chokey and sisters, Dorothy Culp and Claricy Groves.

Family and friends may call from 2-4 and 6-8 Wednesday, February 5, at Thompson-Lengacher & Yoder Funeral Home and for 1 hour prior to the Funeral Service which will be at 11:00 am Thursday, February 6, 2014 at the First Brethren Church in Nappanee. Revs. Tom Shiefer and Bart Shaw will officiate and burial will be in South Union Cemetery with Military Graveside Services by the Nappanee American Legion

You can read about his wife and my relative here

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Obituary for Betty Jane (Bartman) Chokey (1927-2013)

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Betty J. (Bartman) Chokey, age 86, of Nappanee, died at 2:18 pm, Tuesday, October 1, 2013 at Elkhart General Hospital after a brief illness. She had been a patient there for 1 week. Betty was born February 1, 1927 in Nappanee to Harold and Helen (Grant) Bartman. She was a graduate of Nappanee High School. On November 6, 1948, she married LeRoy Chokey in Syracuse.

Betty grew up in Nappanee, from 1947 to 1980 she lived in Goshen. They had also lived on Saw Mill Lake, near Leesburg . Before returning to Nappanee, Mr. and Mrs. Chokey had lived in Elpaso, TX, moving there with Johnson Controls. Betty was a homemaker and had worked at Johnson Controls for 44 years.

She was a member of the First Brethren Church and the Optimist Sunday School Class. She was also a member of the Johnson Service Retirement Club. Betty enjoyed bowling , fishing, and golf. She had the satisfaction of scoring a hole in one in golf. Betty also enjoyed crocheting and listening to old music.

Betty is survived by her husband, LeRoy; daughters, Pamela Reed, Syracuse, Patty Fortier, Nappanee, Penny Cripe, North Webster; 7 grandchildren; 19 great grandchildren; 9 great great grandchildren; and a sister, Carmen Bickham, Rochester. She was preceded in death by a great great granddaughter; brothers, Donald, James, and Harold Bartman; and sisters, Colleen Herrick, Shirley Ellis, and Ruth Filley.

Family and friends may call from 5-8 Friday at Thompson-Lengacher & Yoder Funeral Home, Nappanee and for 1 hour prior to the Funeral Service, which will be at 10:30 Saturday, at the First Brethren Church. Rev. Tom Shiefer and Rev. Bart Shaw will officiate. Burial will be in South Union Cemetery.

You can see her grave here

You can read her husband`s obituary here

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Heibergane kjem til Amla

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Erik Pedersen Klingenberg were married to Birgitte Andersdotter Heiberg (Maren Tordsdatter Benkestok was her great grandmother)

Øvre Amla. Foto: Arild Nybø, NRK.

I 1690 selde Anders Feddersen garden Lillejorden til sorenskrivar Giert Anderssøn Heiberg, som dermed vart stamfar til Heiberg-slekta i Amla. Han stamma frå Søffren Lauritzen (ca. 1575-1633) som er nemnt som fut i Sunnfjord - sjå under: Futegardar i Sogn og Fjordane.

Sorenskrivar Heiberg hadde budd på garden Talle i Høyheimsvik, Luster, før han flytta til Amla og bygde stort herskapshus - truleg samansett av to eldre hus. Dette huset er framleis hovudbygning i Heiberg-tunet på Øvre Amla. Både dette og andre hus i tunet vart i 1860 bygt om til sveitsarstil etter teikningar til Franz Wilhelm Schiertz. Huset vart også ombygd i 1954.

Øvre Amla vert gods

Men garden Lillejorden var ikkje noko stort bruk. Det var først når ein av svigersønene til sorenskrivar Heiberg tok over, Michael Falch (1682-1768), at eigedomane vart eit større gods med svære skogvidder innover mot Lustrafjorden.

Falch var fødd på Sunnmøre og kom først til Kaupanger som forvaltar av Stedje og Kaupanger-godset for eigaren der, Bergenskjøpmannen Niels Tygesen Knag. Falch gifta seg med ei av døtrene til sorenskrivar Gert Heiberg, Mette Marie Heiberg.

I 1722 slutta Michael Falch som godsforvaltar for Knag og kjøpte gardane Øvrejorden og Midtjorden i Amla av Peder Jenssøn Klingenberg. Og då sorenskrivar Heiberg døydde eit par år seinare, fekk ekteparet Michael Falch og Mette Marie Heiberg også kjøpe Lillejorden.

Dermed sat dei med ein samla og svært stor eigedom som seinare også er omtala som Amblegård på Øvre Amla

Nedre Amla vart skilt ut

Men før Heiberg-godset tok den form og storleik som det har i dag, var det altså Klingenberg-slekta som rådde over det meste av jordvegen i Amla.

Dette var ei slekt som stamma frå ein presteson frå Askvoll, Peder Jenssøn (1612-1684). Han var ein yngre bror av «ordbokpresten» Christen Jenssøn Askevold. På Amla kalla han seg Peder Jenssen Amble, men etterkomarane hans tok etternamnet Klingenberg.

Då sonen Erik Pederssøn Klingenberg arva mykje av jorda på øvre og midtre Amla i 1689, flytta han tunet nærmare sjøen til ein stad som heiter Hagen. Arveluten til Erik Pederssøn Klingenberg vart i 1710 skilt ut som eige bruk, og har sidan vore kjent som Nedre Amla-garden. Resten av den store eigedomen - det som låg lengre oppe i bygda - vart selt til Michael Falch og kona Mette Marie Heiberg i 1722 slik det er nemnt ovanfor.

Gjestgiveri i Nedre Amla

Klingenberg-slekta eigde Nedre Amla til midt på 1700-talet. I tida mellom 1753 og 1880 var det fleire eigarar i Nedre Amla, og her vart det også drive gjestgiveri. I 1880 var det den kjende forretningsmannen Endre Offerdal frå Ofredal i Årdal som kjøpte garden, men den gjekk raskt over til Ivar Halvorsen Husum frå Lærdal, og har vore i denne slekta sidan fram til dei siste eigarane, som kallar seg Falck Husum.

Hovudhus i empirestil

Det store hovudhuset i Nedre Amla vart bygt i empirestil i 1844 av lensmann Johan Christian Jersin (1802-1878). Byggmeister var Jan Lund, som også bygde dei kjende husa «Telegrafen» og «Hansegarden» på Lærdalsøyri - sjå: Huset Telegrafen og: Gamle bygningar i Lærdal. Huset i Nedre Amla er freda.

Skysstasjon og gardsturisme

I Nedre Amla var det skysstasjon. Denne vart lagt ned frå bilvegen til Sogndal opna i 1938. Frå 2. verdskrig har Ivar Falch Husum og seinare sonen Hallvard David Falck Husum nytta huset som gjesteheim og selskapslokale i samband med gardsturisme. På garden har det elles vore drive både med utleigehytter og campingplass, og oppdrett av kjøtfe.

I Nedre Amla driv dei m.a. med gardsturisme. Foto: Kjell Arvid Stølen, NRK.

Nedre Amla med Amla Brygge. Foto: Kjell Arvid Stølen, NRK.

You can read the original story here


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Isak Mortensen Øvergård (1823-1904) - min tipptippoldefars bror

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Isak Mortensen Øvergård
, sønn av  Morten Pedersen (1776-1846) og Marthe Isaksdatter (1781-1852), han giftet seg med Elen Margrethe Mosesdatter (1823-1883)

Født: 15 Mar 1823 på Nyberget, Elverum, Hedmark, Norway

Døde: 9 Nov 1904 på Øvergård, Balsfjord, Troms, Norway



Isak Mortensen Øvergård og Marthe Isaksdatter fikk følgende barn:

  1. Johan Martin Isaksen (1848-1891)
  2. Johanna Martine Isaksdatter (1848-1911)
  3. Morten Edvard Isaksen (1851-1936)
  4. Marta Elisabeth Isaksdatter (1855-1941)
  5. Randulf Isaksen (1858-1918)
  6. Trine Hansine Isaksdatter (1861-1880)


Isak Mortensen Øvergård fikk sønnen Morten blant mange flere barn. Denne Morten Isaksen er det i boken "Ishavsgaster i mellom", av Lars Normann Sørensen, skrevet en god del om.



Kildeinformasjon: Hedmark fylke, Elverum, Ministerialbok nr. 7 (1815-1830), Fødte og døpte 1823, side 160-161, nr.21

Kildeinformasjon: Troms fylke, Tromsø, Ministerialbok nr. 9 (1837-1847), Ekteviede 1845, side 213, nr.38

Kildeinformasjon: Troms fylke, Balsfjord i Balsfjord, Ministerialbok nr. 6 (1897-1909), Døde og begravede 1904, side 199, nr.11


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Sommarset and Hundness Farm in Vågan, Nordland, Norway

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Sommarset Farm

During the year 1963 Abel Magnus Paulsen wrote the following description of Sommarset. "Sommarset is a small place with two farms located on the west side of the Øksfjorden about ten miles from its inlet at the large Vestfjorden. It is thirty three miles northeast of Kabelvaag, the headquarters of the Vaagan Parish.

"At this latitude the sun sets below the southern horizon about the 23rd of November and remains hidden in the south until about January 20th, when it comes briefly into view. Each day the sun remains a little longer until it shines twenty-four hours a day beginning on May 24th, and never sets until late July. This is the land of the midnight sun.

"Sommarset had never been settled until 1879, when my parents established their home there. My father Paul Andreas Paulsen, in company with his older brother Johan Erik, had contracted to purchase the land together, from Iver Riise who lived in Storfjeld, for the price of 1,200 Kroner ($300.00 Amer- can money). Sommarset is a beautiful place with one sloping hillside above the other, profusely covered with native grasses, and wild flowers beginning at the shoreline and extending up the mountain side. A roaring creek flows down the mountainside about fifty feet south of our home. This creek is the south boundary line of the property, and the Tortenbak Creek, about three blocks north is the north boundary line. The west boundary line is the top of the mountain approximately three miles from the fjord, the fjord being the east boundary. A somewhat level area, 100 feet above the sea, was selected for building of the two homes and barns. An area 100 feet by 300 feet was leveled where the two houses were built. The two houses were built about forty feet apart facing each other across the yard. Our house was nearest the creek, facing north. The barns and hayloft were built about 100 feet further up the hill to the west.

"The banks of the Øksfjorden are very steep. About 100 feet from the shore line it varies between 100 to 150 feet deep. There is no harbor at Sommarset. The nearest anchoring place is about one mile south at Kalvhaupollen. The next closest anchoring is about two miles north at Hamnes. There are no roads along the fjord. The country is very rough, even now in 1963, there are no roads of any kind, only trails between the farms. All traffic between the neighbors is done by boat.

"A heavy east wind is prevalent, especially during the winter months. It can stir up very heavy waves which beat against the west shore of the three and one half mile wide fjord. Not even a small rowboat can be left anchored overnight. The first thing the family did was to mine out of the rocky shore a sloping incline which extended from the higher ground down to the low tide mark. They then bolted down crosswise birch logs about 16 to 24 inches apart so that boats could be pulled up from the fjord upon them without touching the rocks. The small row boats used were very light; even so, it took at least two men to pull them up to safety from the waves. When the tide was low and the east wind was blowing you needed all the help available to get the boat to safety before it was demolished."

Hundness Farm

The farm Hundness, home of Simon Martin Christiansen, is located approximately four miles south of Sommarset on the west coast of the Øksfjordenon a narrow peninsula jutting out into the Øksfjorden. It has a small harbor on each side with white sandy beaches providing shelter for small boats during stormy seas. There was only one house built on the farm, which burned down sometime during the nineteen twenties. A new house was built on the original foundation sometime during the nineteen forties.

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Washington Park Memorial Gardens, Grand Rapids, Kent County, Michigan, USA

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Photo credit: Dennis Alan Deel

Kathleen Marie Thompson, daughter of Dewayne Arthur "Art" Thompson (1936-2011) and Sandra Dean Todd

Birth: 16 Aug 1963 in Hastings, Barry, Michigan, USA

Death: 16 Aug 1963 in Hastings, Barry, Michigan, USA

Photo credit: Patricia Z


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Sunset Memorial Park Cemetery, Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA

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Photo credit: goldysgal

Photo credit: Wayne Rasmussen

Arthur John Mortensen, son of Johannes Per Mortensen (1853-1932) and Eline Andrea Larsen (1857-1933), married to Sylvia Myrtle Waage

Birth: 10 Jun 1888 in Saint Paul, Ramsey, Minnesota, USA

Death: 22 Sep 1936 in Ramsey, Minnesota, USA

Photo credit: Jaci


Block 8, also known as the Garden of Everlasting Love. View is facing south towards Balustrade.

Photo credit: Jaci

Sylvia Myrtle Waage, daughter of Nels Olai Torbjørn Waage and Mary Johnsdatter, married to Arthur John Mortensen

Birth: 6 Mar 1896 in Rusk, Wisconsin, USA

Death: 1 Aug 1987 in Ramsey, Anoka, Minnesota, USA

Photo credit: Jaci

Johannes Per Mortensen, son of Tøllef Mortensen (1816-1865) and Kirstine Johannesdatter (1823-1872), married to Eline Andrea Larsen

Birth: 23 Aug 1853 in Klostervann, Sør-Varanger, Finnmark, Norway

Death: 13 Oct 1932 in Ramsey, Minnesota, USA

Photo credit: Jaci

Block 8, also known as the Garden of Everlasting Love. This view is facing east towards monument that is middle of block.

Photo credit: Jaci

Eline Andrea Larsen, daughter of Andreas Larsen (1827-1868) and Elisabeth Johansdatter (1828-), married to Johannes Per ?John Peter? Mortensen

Birth: 18 Sep 1857 in Skalelv, Vadsø, Finnmark, Norway

Death: 29 Jun 1933 in Ramsey, Minnesota, USA

Photo credit: Jaci


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National Memorial Cemetery of Arizona, Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona, USA

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Office hours are Monday thru Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Closed federal holidays except Memorial Day.

Cemetery Visitation Hours: Open daily from sunrise to sunset.

Directions from nearest airport:

From Airport: Take Interstate 10 West to State Route 51 North. Follow State Route 51 to Loop 101 West. Following Loop 101 West to Cave Creek Road. Turn North on Cave Creek Road to Pinnacle Peak Road, turn East on Pinnacle Peak Road and go ¼ mile. Cemetery will be on the right.       

Photo credit: Thomas J. Corbett

Main Entrance  

Photo credit: Stephen's Mom :-(

Ernest Kelsen Hewitt, son of Ernesto Alonzo Hewitt (1871-1945) and Emilie Joakine Helmine Kjelsen

(1878-1960), married to Edna May Glock

Birth: 21 Oct 1912 in New York, Bronx, New York, USA

Death: 29 Mar 1983 in Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona, USA

You can look at pictures of Ernest and Edna May here

Photo credit: D. & J. Altman


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Ernest Kelsen Hewitt (1912-1983) and his wife Edna May Glock (1911-1993)

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Ernest Kelsen Hewitt

Ernest Kelsen Hewitt and his brother George Jacob Hewitt

Edna May Glock 

Edna Glock Hewitt

L-R Leona Baylash Hewitt, Edna Glock Hewitt

You can look at their memorial place here

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